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Plateau! How to Get Over the Flatline


Every dieter’s experienced it: The dreaded weight loss plateau. You’ve been cruising along smoothly for months, and suddenly, your weight loss stops. Plateaus can be incredibly frustrating. You may not feel as though you’ve made any changes to your diet and fitness routine, but you’ve stopped dropping the weight. If you’ve hit a plateau, it’s time to check and recheck your behavior so you can jump-start your weight loss and get back in the game. Let’s look at some ways you can increase the effectiveness of your diet plan, so that you can continue to drop weight.

Revisit your food journal

Beginning dieters are often advised to keep a food journal, so that they can stay aware of what they’re eating each day. Often, though, as weight loss picks up, the food journal falls by the wayside. When you hit a plateau, it may be time to start writing down everything you eat again. You may find that certain foods trigger small binges that are holding you back, that you’re eating more calories than you’d estimated, or that you’re right on target. Keeping a food journal for a week or two will provide you with the information you need to start getting back on track.

Measure your portion sizes carefully

Once you’ve been dieting for awhile, it’s tempting to stop counting calories and measuring portion sizes. You’ve got the hang of the system, after all, and you understand the correct portion sizes for most of the foods that you eat. If you hit a plateau, however, it may be time to reevaluate your portion sizes and start to measure and count again. It only takes a few extra calories per day to stall your weight loss plan. You’ll quickly end up maintaining your current weight instead of dropping the pounds you want to lose.

Switch to a different physical activity

If you find yourself skipping workouts, having trouble dragging yourself to the gym or simply not exercising as much as you need to for weight loss, it may be time to consider switching up your physical activity. If you’ve been jogging, consider swimming or hiking instead. Regular cardiovascular exercise is key to weight loss, so choose a physical activity that you enjoy and will look forward to doing, instead of one that you hate the thought of. This will make it easier to exercise on a regular basis.

Check your food labels

Take the time to check your food labels thoroughly, even if they’re foods you’re familiar with. Manufacturers change package sizes from time to time, which could make a difference in calorie counts, fat content and more. If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, it may be time to assess the foods that you consume on a regular basis and re-read their labels. You may be surprised to learn that a serving size has changed, or that a food simply has more fat, calories or sugar than you’d remembered it having. Careful calorie counting is one important key to weight loss, and label reading is an important part of this process.

Diet plateaus are almost always temporary, so don’t stress too much about yours. Instead, focus on healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating cleanly and getting regular cardiovascular exercise. It’s only a matter of time before your weight begins to drop again, and you’ll soon be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goal.


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Sufficient Sleep is Essential to Fuel Weight Loss Efforts


We all understand the importance of sleeping seven to nine hours each night to allow for adequate cellular housekeeping, as the body metabolizes and synthesizes enzymes and proteins that are critical to our survival. In the past, a sound sleep has been shown to lower incidence of heart disease, diabetes and dementia in direct relationship to the number of hours slept each evening.

Canadian researchers publishing the Canadian Medical Association Journal have released the result of a study showing that adequate sleep is an important part of a weight loss plan and should be added to the recommended mix of diet and exercise. In addition to lowering caloric intake and increasing physical activity, the research team led by Dr. Jean-Phillippe Chaput of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Ottawa has provided sufficient evidence to show that inadequate sleep is an independent risk factor for overweight and obesity.

Scientists determined that lack of sleep increases the stimulus to consume more food and increases appetite-regulating hormones. Dr. Chaput explained “The solution to weight loss is not as simple as eat less, move more, sleep more… however, an accumulating body of evidence suggests that sleeping habits should not be overlooked when prescribing a weight-reduction program to a patient with obesity.”

Seven to nine hours of sleep are needed daily to aid weight loss efforts

Many different factors affect body weight including predisposition to handling stress, depression and genetic individuality. Adequate and sound sleep can improve or eliminate each of these risk factors, and can also regulate the hormones leptin and ghrelin to lower food cravings and naturally promote a normal weight range. Naturally, reducing or eliminating insulin-producing processed carbohydrate foods and cutting sugar from the diet are necessary to stimulate weight loss in many people.

The authors of this study did not provide an exact mechanism to explain how adequate sleep assists weight loss, but they did explain that a lack of sleep affects the parts of the brain that control pleasure eating. Further, the scientists indicate that levels of the hormones leptin, ghrelin, cortisol and orexin, all of which are involved in appetite or eating, are affected by lack of sleep.

Dr. Chaput concluded “An accumulating body of evidence suggests that sleeping habits should not be overlooked when prescribing a weight-reduction program to a patient with obesity.” Continuing research studies validate the critical importance of a sound night’s sleep of between seven and nine hours each night to protect against chronic disease and to aid weight management efforts.

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Cell Signals and Antennas

Are you seeking to find out which behind a telephone number. Maybe you found a wierd number on your spouse’ or child’s call list. Maybe you need to chose the address of an ancient client to send a holiday card to. Or maybe you are trying to get some recent prank cell phone calls to stop. I made it worse go and on as to reasons why someone would to help find out identifying information behind a cell phone number. But learning how to reverse lookup cell phone numbers is a bit different that getting better landline numbers.

Get a symptom booster, not really conducive to your mobile phone reception, but in some ways it is useful to your well-being. Recently, the associated with cell phone radiation is harmful, has been in the news, and brought about some predicament. In fact through the mobile phone radiation from mobile phones, you also can broadcast of this transmitter healthy dose with the phone on it’s own. Signal Booster can a person reduce associated with.

I can say that she’s getting prepared to cell phone signal booster beat me senseless for talking loudly about nothing on my phone. People, please: if there is nowhere for your rest folks to go, think about whether you actually need to have that conversation.

The only ones that will help you are the paid website directories. Don’t worry, though. They’re not large priced. It’s just a small fee that you’ll have to cover. The information you will get from it is well this.

Discussing anything of a non-public nature that others within earshot are able to hear is unwise on a number of counts. Take it: wish your coworkers to grasp the 12v cell phone booster results of your latest lab tests your doctors office recently called to discuss? or see your dark side when your contractor calls to let you his work will take two months longer and $2,000 on average he had originally brought up? or hear your travel agent has booked you on that cruise to Nassau for gonna do it . week youd requested attain off for surgery you so desperately needed? Unless you want to raise a lot of questions and eyebrows, take calls from those who probably have unpleasant, upsetting, or incriminating information you will then be total private life.

Reputable cellphone signal enhancement companies offer detailed installation instructions with the kit, plus before, during and after installation telephone consultation. The average home and small office applications are simple and take just several of hours to install, if purchased caused by a reputable lot.

The sites charge a tiny plane fee for access on the results of your free paid search. This is because the sites have to be able to pay for access to this information themselves and a new result of privacy rationale why.

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