Garcinia Extract – Sort Of Diet Off Fat Alone, You Require To Burn It Too!

dontgetburned Raspberry drops have become very popular due to the support of Dr. Oz. Unfortunately, Raspberry Ultra Drops is one of many companies that utilizes false advertising to sell their product.

Even worse there are hundreds of complaints filed by people that never received the products!

Raspberry Ultra Drops appears to be reviewed by Fox News in many of their ads. They create a page that looks just like the Fox page with menus that actually link to the Fox Site.

If you examine the URL you will see that it isn't the Fox website at all!

Fake copy of Fox News website is illegal !

This deceptive advertising is infringing on the Fox News name and is clearly illegal. But they will start a new company every few months and then dissappear before they can be caught.

This same group used to sell hcg pro drops which the FDA banned. The same fake testimonies were used on that site that are currently on the Raspberry Ultra Drops site.

We have seen them moving from one scam to another. When a company utilizes such illegal false advertising such as Raspberry Ultra Drops then you know they cannot be trusted and will be here today and gone tomorrow.

Another thing to watch for is anyone that guarantees weight loss. Weight loss products DO work, for SOME people. But cannot be guaranteed they will work for everyone.

Thousands of Reports of Fraud

There are thousands of people pissed off enough to go thru the trouble to file reports on ScamBook, Complaintsboard, Facecrooks, and other consumer protection websites.

This company has been accused of fraud, false advertisement, hacking into personal accounts and flat out just not sending the items ordered.

Angry customers report losses of up to $229 and a few claim damages of up to $9,000! On just one of the above site there are 203 very serious complaints against Raspberry Ultra Drops.

Millions of dollars in damage claims against them

The grand total of unresolved reported damages from this company - are you ready for this?....$2,175,313.50! That is nothing to sneeze at, and we think this company should be avoided at all costs.

Evidently, the only thing you're liable to lose with Raspberry Ultra Drops is your shirt (and everything else you own).

Our Conclusion - Stay Away!

title_choose Real Raspberry Ketone Drops Do work Raspberry Ketones DO help people lose weight, if you stay away from the scammers that ship crappy products. Find a company you can trust!Don't be fooled by the false advertising scams of Raspberry Ultra Drops.

wwrecommend The most reputable supplier we've found is NewLifeBotanical - their raspberry ketone drops are found on Amazon HERE. But we've also noticed that often offers about a 30% discount when you buy from them.
  • They aren't some fly by night comany. They've been running for about seven years with tens of thousands of satisfied customers and no complaints like the company above
  • Customer service. Someone will answer your questions
  • Moneyback guarantee with no questions asked
  • Best prices for Top Quality, all natural products
  • They show you the ingredients so you KNOW you are getting the best quality and best price.
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